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Current Students

Advisors are your partners in your academic journey. You can make an appointment to discuss a variety of topics including class schedules, majors and pre-professional pathways. There are also a wealth of resources available to you to find the answers you need. 

You should register for 16-19 credits. Gibson will not allow you to drop below 12 credits and you will not be able to exceed 19 credits without an override from an academic advisor. The minimum number of credit hours required for a Newcomb-Tulane College degree is 120, with some degree programs requiring more. Most students are able to complete a degree in four years by taking an average of 15 credit hours each semester.


Majors and Programs

Whether you want to explore a major or you're ready to declare a major, we're here to help. 


Core Curriculum

The NTC Core Curriculum allows students to explore a wide-range of disciplines by allowing students to have flexibility in their core curriculum while exploring a full range of courses.

The core curriculum, which is composed of a minimum of 30 credits, is divided into two parts: proficiency requirements and a distribution of knowledge. Writing Skills, Formal Reasoning, and Foreign Language proficiency are included in the Proficiency Requirements to ensure the attainment of proficiency in key skills before graduation. A range of distribution areas from Math and Natural Sciences to Aesthetics and the Creative Arts allow you to experience courses across a wide range of disciplines to ensure breadth and depth prior to graduation.



Newcomb-Tulane College has over 30 advisors to assist all our students with academic planning. Transfer students, student athletes and pre-professional students have specific advisors ready to help with your unique requirements. When you are ready to declare a major you'll need to meet with a faculty member or departmental advisor as part of the process. You'll continue to work you major advisor and your NTC advisor to ensure you're making progress in your major as well as your Newcomb-Tulane College degree.

Meet Our Advisors


Academic Support

Newcomb-Tulane College is the home of the undergraduate academic experience and we are here to support you throughout your time at Tulane. If you're struggling to adjust to college life, planning your study schedule or a range of other personal and academic concerns - seek out our Success Coaches or Peer Success Leaders. Struggling in a particularly tough class? The Academic Learning and Tutoring Center is available for peer to peer tutoring as well as services offered through the Writing Center and Math Center. The Center for Academic Equity helps ensure students in LGBTQ+, DACA, undocumented, first-generation college, Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities have the tools to thrive and flourish academically.