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For Parents and Families

Academic advisors are available to help students transition to college life, to assist their exploration, and to develop their academic and career interests. Advisors also assist students with identifying and utilizing resources they need to succeed. We encourage parents and family members to keep open lines of communication with students as well as engage in conversations about their interests, what they are learning, and new experiences they might wish to share. Just as you have your student’s best interests in mind, so do academic advisors and Tulane University. We all want to work together to help students make good decisions and grow as individuals. We believe that the better parents and family members can appreciate the potential of academic advising, the more they can support their students in their academic endeavors. We hope that the information presented here will help you better understand your student’s journey toward academic success.

What students should expect from their family:

  • Be available for support and encouragement
  • Keep in contact with your students
  • Offer advice when appropriate
  • Encourage your student to do things for himself or herself
  • Allow your student to make mistakes in this safe environment
  • Learn when and how to “let go”

Read the Parent & Family FAQ