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Exploratory Advising

Being Undecided at Tulane

Tulane is uniquely suited to serve undecided students. According to US News & World Report, undecided students need the following in a university:

  • A strong general education curriculum that allows students to explore
  • A lot of academic programs to choose from
  • Faculty members who are available to students

Tulane has all of this to offer!

That said, these realities can be overwhelming and leave undecided students feeling lost in what seems like a sea of decided peers. This is where exploratory advising services step in.

Exploratory Advising Philosophy

At Tulane University’s undergraduate Academic Advising Center, we provide exploratory advising services to students who are searching for their academic path and seeking to connect that path to their identities, values, and long-term goals.

Who Is Exploratory

Exploratory advising serves students who self-identify as “exploratory.” This includes students who arrive to campus their first semester undecided on their major, perhaps wanting to know more about their options or taking interest in multiple academic fields. This also includes students who arrived to campus decided on a major only to find it was not a good fit. Any undergraduate student seeking to clarify her/his/their academic path would be an appropriate candidate for exploratory advising.

What We Offer

In our Academic Advising Center, all advisors are trained to conduct in-depth developmental sessions with exploratory students. We draw upon a range of advising frameworks and skillsets, including student development theories, theories of change, career development, motivational interviewing, appreciative advising, and coaching, to assist students in their processes of self-exploration. These skills combine with our robust knowledge of Tulane University’s academic offerings, student success resources, public service and internship opportunities, and career services, allowing us to guide students on a journey of discovery and decision-making.


Through our exploratory advising sessions, student will improve their:

  • Self-awareness
  • Information-seeking skills
  • Decision-making skills

Our Mission

Through exploratory advising, we aim to encourage self-exploration and exploration of the world, and help cultivate diligence, professionalism, compassion, and resilience in our students. As such, we hope to help students create a plan for their future, while also developing the skills and flexibility to adjust that plan in response to the demands of an ever-changing world.

In so doing, we also strive to contribute to the public purpose of higher education by helping to produce members of society who are able to identify and analyze problems, recognize complexity, research context, imagine possibilities, and implement solutions for the greater good.