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FAQs for Incoming Transfer Students

Will my courses transfer?

The class evaluation process is handled by the Admissions office, after you’ve received an admission offer. Each class is reviewed individually, however there are a few baseline requirements. You must receive a letter grade (no pass/fail) of C or better in a course to have it reviewed for transfer credit.

For Business courses, the A.B. Freeman School of Business only considers transfer credit from schools that are accredited by the Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB)  or community colleges that have articulation agreements with an AACSB-accredited school.

For Architecture courses, The School of Architecture only considers transfer credit from schools that are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)  or community colleges that have articulation agreements with an NAAB-accredited school.

Is there a minimum amount of credits I must take at Tulane?

Yes, all students must complete at least 60 credits on campus. On average, this is equivalent to 4 full-time semesters. We refer to this as our Residency Requirement. Semester Abroad programs, even if they are affiliated with Tulane, do not count towards the Residency Requirement.

Additionally, you must complete half of your major/minor credits at Tulane.

What do course codes like 1940, REGR 1500, HUMA 1500 on my transfer credit evaluation mean? I can’t find them on the schedule of classes.

These course codes are used to award generic transfer credit. This means the course you took at your previous institution does not align exactly with a course we teach at Tulane, but it has still been approved to transfer.

These courses can still fulfill core requirements and electives. In some cases they can fulfill major requirements too.

Does my GPA from my previous school(s) transfer to Tulane?

No. Your Tulane GPA will only ever be comprised of grades you receive at Tulane. So for Tulane-specific GPA requirements (ex. GPA needed to graduate with Latin honors, minimum to study abroad, minimum required for major) only Tulane grades will matter. Your previous school grades also will not show on your Tulane transcript. If you apply to a job or graduate school that requires transcripts, you will send them from Tulane and your previous school(s), so those previous grades do not disappear.

How many credits do I need to be considered a sophomore/junior/senior etc.?

Freshmen: 0-24 earned credit hours

Sophomores: 25-56 earned credit hours

Juniors: 57-86 earned credit hours

Seniors: 87 or more earned credit hours

What is a typical course load at Tulane?

On average, Tulane students take 15-16 credits per semester (4-5 classes). Most of our classes are 3 credits each, with the exceptions of math, lab science, foreign language and first year writing, many of which are 4 credits. Students must take at least 12 credits and cannot exceed 19 in a given semester.

Can transfer students study abroad?

Yes, but the credits earned abroad will not count towards the Residency Requirement (minimum credits required at Tulane, see question #2 above for more detail). Transfer students must complete one full semester at Tulane before they can apply to study abroad. Since students apply to study abroad the semester prior to going, this means you cannot go abroad until your 3rd semester at Tulane. For example, a student who transfers to Tulane in the fall of their sophomore year, could apply during spring of sophomore year in order to be abroad fall of junior year.