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Quality of Work Requirements

Students are responsible for knowing their academic standing at all times.

Full-time Newcomb-Tulane College (NTC) students are expected to have made satisfactory progress toward their degree at the end of each semester. The minimum standards are based on the cumulative grade point average in earned hours at Tulane. The grade point average is computed only on work attempted in undergraduate coursework at Tulane University and excludes both non-credit and satisfactory/unsatisfactory courses.

Full-time undergraduate students enrolled in NTC are degree-seeking students. Those students who are not making satisfactory progress toward a degree are not permitted to remain enrolled at the university.

Continuation Requirements

Students who earn at least 12 credits per full-time semester at Tulane and achieve at least the minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) for good standing are considered to be making satisfactory progress toward the baccalaureate degree and are in academic good standing. Policies that apply to students who do not meet these academic standards are described below. Students experiencing academic difficulty should pay particular attention to the appropriate paragraphs of the explanation of the quality-of-work rules summarized in the table below. Students should note that the standards apply to cumulative GPA in earned hours at Tulane.

Options to restore academic good standing

At the end of each spring semester students are reviewed for academic progress. Students who are deficient in cumulative GPA based on credits earned at Tulane are placed on academic probation. They have the following options to restore academic good standing:

  1. Students may return to academic good standing through successful completion of Tulane Summer School courses.
  2. Students may return in the fall on academic probation with an approved academic success plan.
  3. Students may attend another accredited institution while on academic dismissal in order to show improvement for re-admittance to Tulane. Pending approved readmittance to Tulane from the NTC Dean, this could result in transfer credits if approved by the appropriate academic department(s) in coordination with NTC academic advising. We strongly recommend that students go through the preapproval process for transfer credit.
  4. Students on academic probation will have their grades reviewed at the close of each semester*. Should the cumulative GPA for academic good standing be reached within one semester, the student will return to good standing.

*Students may only spend two consecutive semesters on academic probation (excluding summer). Failure to return to good standing within that timeframe will result in academic dismissal from Tulane for at least one semester.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements

Minimum cumulative GPA requirements are based on the total number of earned hours (EHRS) that a student has accumulated at Tulane.

The minimum cumulative GPA for academic good standing is 1.600 in 0-24 EHRS, 1.800 in 24-48 EHRS, and 2.000 in 49 or more EHRS.

Total Earned Hours at Tulane

Minimum Cumulative GPA for Good Standing

0 to 24


25 to 48


49 or more



Other Considerations for Continuation

The NTC Dean in consultation with the Committee on Academic Requirements may, at any time, dismiss or place on probation any student who has given evidence of academic irresponsibility. Academic irresponsibility includes but is not limited to actions such as non- compliance with academic probation, failure to attend class regularly, failure to complete papers, examinations, or other work on time, failure to earn a minimum of 12 credit hours in any semester unless the student has been granted part-time status, or failure to maintain a minimum GPA (see Quality of Work Rules).

Should a student’s poor academic performance be attributed to circumstances over which the student clearly had no control (serious injury or illness), the student may, after consultation with an academic advisor or appropriate campus resource, petition the Committee on Academic Requirements for further consideration of their status.

Students are responsible for knowing their academic standing at all times.