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Welcome, New Students!


Click here, https://advising.tulane.edu/advising/incoming, for our Incoming Students website which contains details that will be helpful to you as you begin to navigate your academic journey at Tulane. If you haven’t yet registered for a June Advising and Registration appointment to complete your Fall 2023 schedule, please check your Tulane email account for emails from Advising and review your Canvas modules which contain the scheduling link and additional details you can use to prepare for your appointment.

3+3 Joint Degree Program

Tulane University Law School offers a joint degree baccalaureate/JD program for eligible Tulane students, commonly referred to as the "3+3 Program."  Qualified undergraduates of Newcomb Tulane College (NTC) or the School of Professional Advancement (SOPA) may apply for admission to Tulane Law School during the junior year (or credit-count equivalent for SOPA students). If admitted, students enroll as full-time law students during what would otherwise be the senior year. At the successful conclusion of that year, the BA or BS is awarded. After two more years of full-time law study, the JD is awarded. This program enables students to receive the BA/BS and the JD in as few as six years.

How to Apply to Tulane Law School via the 3/3 Program

  • Meet with a pre-law advisor to discuss your interest and eligibility. Sooner is better rather than later in order to plan your coursework to ensure you will meet eligibility criteria by the end of your sixth semester/junior year. To schedule an appointment, click here.
  • Be registered for your sixth semester of course work (typically, spring of your junior year), in which you will earn the minimum 90 hours required to apply. Have earned no more than 104 hours of Tulane or Tulane accepted transfer credits prior to starting law school.
  • Complete and return the eligibility form provided by the pre-law advisor. This entails gathering the signature of your major advisor who can certify that you will have completed all of your major requirements by the end of your junior year. You will also need the signature of your academic advisor, who can certify that you will have completed all of your core requirements prior to law school enrollment. You must complete your core and your major requirements by the end of May prior to the August in which you seek to enroll at the law school. Your first-year law courses can only count towards the total credit count necessary to graduate from Tulane--not towards your core curriculum, major or distribution requirements.
  • Apply to Tulane Law School. The online application is available via the Law School Admissions Council.  You must set up an account at www.LSAC.org.  No special application form is necessary to apply via the 3+3 program.
  • Applicants who are applying to enter law school in 2019 or later (undergraduate class of 2020 and later) will be required to sit for the LSAT in order to apply to the 3+3 program.