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Prerequisite Courses

The following chart lists the traditional premedical curriculum; these courses are required by most U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools. Always check individual schools' websites for school-specific requirements.

Premedical Requirement

Tulane Equivalent

Two semesters of general chemistry with lab

  • CHEM 1070+1075
  • CHEM 1080+1085

Two semesters of organic chemistry with lab

  • CHEM 2410+2415
  • CHEM 2420+2425

Two semesters of general biology with lab

  • CELL 1010+2115
  • EBIO 1010+1015

Two semesters of physics with lab

  • PHYS 1210 and PHYS 1220 (non-calc) OR*
  • PHYS 1310 and PHYS 1320 (calc-based)

*choose one based on your comfort level with calculus

These courses are highly recommended for success on the MCAT and in medical school; additionally, some schools may require one or more of these courses on top of the basic pre-requisite curriculum listed above.

Premedical Requirement

Tulane Equivalent

Two semesters of English, emphasis on writing preferred

  • ENGL 1010
  • Additional writing or literature course

One to two semesters of college level math; one should be statistics

  • MATH 1210 (Calc 1)
  • MATH 1230 (Stats for Scientists)

One semester of genetics (no lab required)

  • CELL 2050 or EBIO 2070

One semester of biochemistry (no lab required)

  • CELL 4010 or SCEN 4110

One or more semesters of psychology (tested on the MCAT

  • PSYC 1000
  • Additional courses of interest, if desired

One or more semesters of sociology (tested on the MCAT)

  • SOCI 1090 recommended
  • Additional courses of interest, if desired


Finally, prerequisites for PA programs, veterinary programs, and allied health programs overlap to varying degrees with the pre-MD coursework, while also potentially requiring additional courses not listed above, such as:

  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Lifespan or Developmental Psychology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Public Speaking