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TAP-TP is a combined degree, BS/MD program for students interested in Cell and Molecular Biology and who wish to attend Tulane Medical School. The program includes 2  years of undergraduate preparation, a mandatory year of service, and 4 years of medical school. Tulane has a long history of public and community service, requiring community service on the medical school curriculum for over 20 years. As New Orleans is an underserved community (especially following Hurricane Katrina) and Louisiana a low income state, the marriage of an educational program and public service is a natural mix for Tulane.

Students interested in the TAP-TP program will make their application at the beginning of their first semester at Tulane.  Eligible students will be expected to have high levels of academic performance as judged by transcripts, SAT/ACT scores and AP scores.  Students will be interviewed by a committee of undergraduate faculty, medical school faculty and administrators. Around five students are accepted each year.

TAP-TP students will complete an abbreviated undergraduate curriculum designed around a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology with emphasis on the application of scientific principles for public good. Undergraduate performance would be a requisite for continuing in the program.  TAP-TP students will have bi-monthly conference style workshops designed to both track the students and develop skills necessary for the practice of medicine.  Following completion of 2 years towards the BS degree requirements, students will begin a one-year public service commitment with AmeriCorps.  Students will then enter the 4 year medical school curriculum.

2018 TAP-TP Application
2018 TAP-TP Application (PDF)

Essential Functions document

Deadline: August 31, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Applications may be submitted electronically to Prof. David Mullin or Dr. Marc Kahn.