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Writing Intensive Petition PRE_FALL 2018 ONLY


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For students who matriculated into Newcomb-Tulane College prior to Fall 2018; this petition allows students to request a course to satisfy the school-specific writing intensive requirement in the pre-2018 curriculum. Used by the Schools of Science & Engineering (SSE), Public Health (SPH), and Architecture (ARCH), for courses taught at Tulane that lack the writing-intensive or Tier 2 Writing attribute.

NOTE: School of Liberal Arts (SLA) students must petition SLA directly; see https://liberalarts.tulane.edu/academics/undergraduate-studies.


Writing intensive is a school-specific requirement in the pre-2018 curriculum. SSE, SPH, Arch use this petition for students under pre-Fall 2018 NTC Core Curriculum only, to request that courses not already approved as writing intensive (abroad, special topics, independent study, or additional work added to current coursework) satisfy the writing intensive requirement in the school core curriculum requirements. Petitions may be approved only by the school.


1. Complete student information (name, Student ID number, school).
2. Complete course information (Title, ID, CRN, Term Taken)
3. Insert instructor name and email address.
4. Sign and date form (see Options for Signing Electronic Forms, below).
5. Save the form.
6. Email the form to the course instructor and your NTC academic advisor. In the email, ask your instructor to respond confirming which of the writing expectations the course meets:

  • One 20-page paper (5000 words), entirely rewritten
  • Two 10-page papers (5000 words), one rewritten
  • Four 5-page papers (500 words), two rewritten
  • Other (describe, including number of papers/pages and amount rewritten)

7. When the instructor responds, email to your NTC academic advisor (if not included in the response).
8. You might be required to submit additional documentation by your academic advisor. Your advisor will submit the petition to your school for review.

Signing Electronic Forms

If submitting a form digitally, please click here HERE for instructions on how to sign forms electronically.

Forms Needed