Pre-Law Advising

Our Pre-Law advisors are dedicated to guiding you on your journey toward a successful and fulfilling legal career. We offer comprehensive support tailored to your individual aspirations and unique interests. We are here to assist you in charting your academic journey and equipping you to make informed decisions about your future in the legal field.

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3+3 Joint Degree Program

Tulane University Law School offers a joint degree baccalaureate/JD program for eligible Tulane students, commonly referred to as the "3+3 Program."  Qualified undergraduates of Newcomb Tulane College (NTC) or the School of Professional Advancement (SOPA) may apply for admission to Tulane Law School during the junior year (or credit-count equivalent for SOPA students). If admitted, students enroll as full-time law students during what would otherwise be the senior year. At the successful conclusion of that year, the BA or BS is awarded. After two more years of full-time law study, the JD is awarded. This program enables students to receive the BA/BS and the JD in as few as six years.


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