Readmission Application



Request readmission after an absence without leave of absence, including readmission after an approved leave of absence has expired. Submit request at least four weeks before the term starts.



  • A student whose studies have been interrupted without the benefit of an authorized leave of absence must file a readmission application with the Newcomb-Tulane College dean’s office at least four weeks before the date of the desired re-enrollment.
  • If the student has attended another institution while away from Tulane, a statement of good standing and an official transcript showing all college or university coursework attempted or in progress during the absence must accompany the application for readmission.
  • Transfer credit for such coursework is subject to approval by the appropriate Tulane departments.
  • Students who voluntarily left Tulane and are readmitted within one year will return under the degree requirements in effect for them at the time of their departure.
  • Readmitted students who involuntarily left the university or are readmitted after having been away more than one year are subject to the curricular requirements in effect at the time of readmission.
  • All readmitted students must complete the last 30 credits for the degree while in residence in the division.
  • They may not participate in priority registration and will not receive registration materials until after their readmission has been processed.
  • Students whose enrollment is interrupted by a medical withdrawal may be required to receive medical clearance from a physician at the Student Health Center before they can register for a subsequent semester.



  1. Complete student information (name, Student ID number, contact information).
  2. Indicate the term for which you want to return (“Term Applied For”).
  3. Indicate your last term at Tulane.
  4. Answer questions re: good standing, conviction of crime, degree, official major declaration, college credit from another institution.
  5. Sign and date form (see Options for Signing Electronic Forms, below).
  6. Email complthe eted form to your College Advisor or, if your advisor is unknown/no longer at Tulane, to
  7. Your College Advisor will respond with the status within four weeks.