Transfer Credit

For Continuing Students

Currently enrolled students may request transfer credit for courses taken at institutionally accredited institutions within the United States. In order for a course to be considered for transfer credit, the student  must obtain the catalog description (and syllabus, if required by the academic department) for each course the student wishes to take at another institution. The Freeman School of Business requires that students also provide a syllabus for each course. Please note that some transfer credits may be denied for applicability to the professional school's major/minor degree requirements due to professional accreditation standards.

The student begins the transfer credit process by scheduling an appointment with the Advising Center’s transfer credit specialist, who verifies that the student is in good standing and eligible to earn transfer credit. They will provide the student with a Transfer Credit Approval Form to bring to the Appropriate Tulane department, along with the course syllabus. Each course is then evaluated by the appropriate school or department at Tulane to determine whether or not it can be applied to a Tulane degree. The institution and program through which the courses were offered must be comparable to the department or program at Tulane awarding the transfer credit. Credit earned at community colleges is not accepted for transfer.

To process transfer credit for these courses, Newcomb-Tulane College requires:

  • A grade of C or better in each course, and
  • An official transcript issued to Tulane University (not a grade report or transcript issued to the student). Transcripts should be sent to the Academic Advising Center.


Credit for acceptable work is transferred in the amount recorded on the official transcript of the other institution. Credits earned on a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis do not transfer unless the transcript states that P or S is equivalent to a grade of C or better. Grades are not transferred with the credits; therefore, a student cannot remedy a grade-point deficiency at Tulane by attendance at another institution.

Meet with a Transfer Credit Specialist

View the full transfer credit policy in the University Catalog

For First-Year Students

Incoming first-year students planning to enroll in courses elsewhere during the summer prior to arriving at Tulane should consult with their academic advisor. Courses must meet the guidelines below in order to be eligible for review. The approval of transfer credits is at the sole discretion of Newcomb-Tulane College. To get your courses reviewed for possible transfer, please utilize the Pre-Matriculation Credit Form.

Tulane may award up to fifteen credits for dual enrollment high school courses (those courses appearing on both the high school transcript and the transcript of the college/university) as long as the course(s) meets all other requirements for pre- matriculation:

  • The courses were offered by a institutionally accredited institution;
  • The courses were listed in the official catalog of the institution from which the credit was earned;
  • A grade of C or better was earned in each course.


Please note that some credits may be denied for applicability to a professional school’s major/minor degree requirements due to accreditation standards.

Select "U.S. Institution" and complete the form. You’ll need to attach all syllabi for each course you would like reviewed for possible credit. If you are submitting courses from multiple institutions, you’ll need to submit a new form for each institution. Please write out the full name of the institution, do not use abbreviations or acronyms.

View the full transfer credit policy in the University Catalog