Leave of Absence

Request a leave of absence from Tulane University, normally for a future semester.

  • Discuss leave policies, procedures, and possible impacts with your Newcomb-Tulane College Advisor.
  • If you receive any financial aid, also discuss the possible impact with your financial aid advisor.
  • If you are requesting a medical leave, a medical leave petition is also required. Contact your NTC College Advisor for help with a medical leave request.



  • Students who voluntarily leave any school of the university and return to that school within one calendar year will be allowed to continue study under the degree requirements in effect for them at the time they left.
  • Any student returning to the university after more than one calendar year will be required to complete the degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission.
  • Students taking a leave of absence who wish to receive registration materials and to preregister for classes during the priority period may formally file for a leave of absence for up to one year.
  • Students who are allowed a one-year leave of absence are not required to complete a readmission application; however, they should submit a letter-of-intent to resume study at least eight weeks prior to the semester in which they wish to return.
  • Students who leave a school without formal approval for a leave of absence must file an application for readmission with the Advising Center and will not receive registration materials until after the readmission has been processed.
  • The deadline for applying for a leave of absence is the last day to register or to add courses in the semester after the last regular semester of a student's enrollment.
  • Students who do not return to Tulane University for a particular term and do not request a leave of absence by the deadline for doing so are not eligible to return without applying for readmission.


A medical leave petition is REQUIRED for students who are pursuing the medical leave of absence option. Work with your College Advisor to request a medical leave of absence.


Contact your NTC College Advisor for additional information and to initiate this process.

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