Class Registration

Registering for classes doesn't need to be stressful! You can schedule an advising appointment, meet with our Virtual Advisor or Peer College Advisor, and use these tips and resources to ensure a smooth registration process.


Pro Tips

Here is a list of things to consider BEFORE registering for classes:


Confirm the date and time of your registration, aka "Time Ticket." Look up your registration date and time, then set a reminder so you don't forget!

Draft a tentative schedule in the Schedule of Classes. Use the Schedule Planner to create your ideal schedule to prepare for registration. Consider this wish list. Be sure to include some back-up options in case a class is full. Review your degree audit, and check department websites or the catalog to build your unique list.

Meet with your advisors! Check in with your major advisor, minor department, and College Advising to discuss curricular progress and planning support. You can schedule a 1-on-1 appointment, or attend one of our drop-in events. Plus, you can meet with the Peer College Advisors and the Virtual Advisor.

Check and resolve any holds listed in Gibson! Certain holds can impact your ability to register. Check the bottom of this page on the Registrar's website for an explanation of the holds and how to resolve them. 

Build a final planner based on available classes within 12-24 hours before your registration ticket opens. This allows you to see available classes that you can actively add when your registration opens.

Officially register! At the time of your time ticket, be sure to press 'Submit Registration' to officially register for the selected courses! You have successfully registered for classes if your courses show up in the Current Schedule screen of the Schedule of Classes.

A degree audit is the best way to take ownership of your education. Degree Works is the program Tulane utilizes to help your track your academic journey. Visit this page of the Registrar's website to learn more about this feature available to active students.

There are numerous features contained within the Schedule of Classes to aid you in creating and adjusting your schedule. Visit the Registrar's page of Schedule of Classes FAQs to learn how to

  • search for a course,
  • add courses to my schedule,
  • create multiple planners,
  • waitlist a class,
  • view courses in a different term,

and so much more!

NTC Summer School

Registration for NTC Summer School is open and will remain open until the start of each session start date. You can register directly for summer courses on the Schedule of Classes.  

Summer can be a great time to get ahead, catch up, and explore! Courses are being offered online and in-person across three sessions (Maymester, Early Summer, and Late Summer).  

Reach out to NTC Summer School at with any questions, or visit their website for more information.